18 April 2015

A Girls Dream

I'm so excited to show these beautiful flowers to you gals! And give you boyfriends a little hint too! 
I Florist is a company I came across and instantly I was intrigued ! 
Its basically an online shop where you can buy flowers and cute little gifts to send to people.. its such a good idea if you don't have time to go shopping for presents! They come beautifully wrapped so you don't have to worry about doing it yourself!

The I Florist team kindly sent me to Roses... aren't they gorgeous! I'm not normally into bling but the diamante pins in the roses made it look super cute! These one are the 'All You Need is Love' flowers and I think they are the perfect choice for Valentines Day. You can get different size of this bouquet which is 12, 24 + 36 stems which is really good if you either want a cute size or over the top! :-) The size I received is 24 stems which is think is the perfect size.  

I went looking through the website and I know Easter has just been and gone but I loved this adorable jar of eggs! It's such a different way to give an Easter Gift instead of a Chocolate Egg all the time!

Choccy Gift Jar


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