14 March 2015

Rent out your Nails!

Today I'm talking all about nails and where to get your polish from! 
I'd never heard of Coloristiq before I stumbled across it.. but it seems a very good idea.

Its basically a service where you rent nail polishes.. seems strange right? Well the good thing about it for me personally: I get bored of using the same old colours and some colours will be sitting being unused for months on end before it’s not the right colour for the current season. 
I figured if I use this service I can use the polishes for a month and then send them back and then I haven't wasted any polish! It's really handy because I like to stick with seasonal colours and they change a lot. It's good to be able to get new colours every month :-) 

Here's an easy way to understand Coloristiq:
The three colours I received were from China Glaze and Essie. 

+ Feeling Twinkly (blue)
+ Shearling Darling (deep red)
+ Snowy (white)

These colours were good for the end of A/W season. I wasn't ready to bring in the Spring colours so these were perfect! The service is £14.49 with free P&P which is a good price. Nail varnish isn't cheap these days.. especially for these top brands so for three polishes at that price is seems a pretty good deal to me. 

I'm so excited for the Essie Resort Collection! It's finally Spring and I'm ready to add some cute colours onto my nails!


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