16 February 2015

Beauty Mask - Timeless Truth

 I love the try out new beauty products, especially the ones which make my skin better! I found this beauty mask from The Beauty Mask and its from the Timeless Truth Collection. The mask I got was the Multipeptide Retaliating Face Mask and I was so excited to try it out!
So the mask it one of those cloth types that you put onto your face and then you pull it off again once kept on for a while. In the packet it is socked in a type of oil solution but it felt really nice once on my skin. I like this mask because you can either keep it in the fridge to have it cool or you can also put it in the microwave for a hot mask! It last a few weeks and you can re-use it as many times are you like before you through it away. 

Here's how the Mask is described:
 This exceptional, Timeless Truth face mask actively restores and revitalises the skin's natural radiance and helps regenerate tissue cells. The pink powder impregnated in the cloth contains negative ions which increase circulation helping to relax facial tension. This firms, but relaxes tense muscle, thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles and the visible signs of ageing. Designed to effectively provide nourishing moisture to the skin, the skin is left hydrated, soft, and radiant.

SKIN TYPE: Ideal for Sensitive skin 

BENEFITS: Moisturising, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Ageing, Improve Elasticity 

My Results: So after I used the face mask I didn't wash the solution off, I kept it on, rubbed it into my skin and left it overnight to soak in. In the morning my skin felt really soft and it looked more radiant. I really recommend this mask if your skin feels tired and you need to wake it up quickly! I really like this mask for a quick overnight skin rescue.. 

Multipeptide Revitalising Face Mask


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