20 January 2015

Slendertoxtea Review


I'm so excited to tell you guys how my Teatox went! I'd just received this at the beginning of January so it was perfect timing for my new fitness goals! I sometimes lack energy to workout and feel bloated quite often so I knew this would help me a lot.

I got the 14 day Teatox but there is also an option to use a 28 teatox if you feel like you need it. They also come with the Sleeptox which is the tea bag you have a few hours before you go to bed. 

Here are main benefits from using Slendertoxtea: 

Increased Energy
Increased Metabolism
Beat the bloat
Weight loss
A new detoxed you
Here's the information from the website: 

"Our blend of Detox tea is an organic blend made from natural herbs and plants which is designed to help you loose weight we also take into consideration that feeling good is just as important so we have factored in to our no calorie tea the ingredients for colon cleansing. Improve your metabolism and your health" 
My teatox has arrived! Some pics I took on my Instagram:

I drink the tea in the morning when I wake up, before I do my home workouts
How to take your teatox

Use one teabag in the morning and one every other night for the duration of your teatox. Use a medium sized cup of warm or cold water (not boiling water) and allow to infuse for 3-5 minutes or as long as you wish but NO longer than 6 minutes. Sweeteners or honey may be added, but personally we prefer it without as it already tastes great!

What I thought of Slenderteatox

I had to get used to the taste of it at first because I was not used to it and I had never tasted anything like it before! Once I got used to it I enjoyed it a lot more. 
I felt more energy throughout the day after drinking this and it really did reduce my bloating a lot. I'd say it defiantly helps aid weight loss as long as you are also working out enough and eating healthy. You can't just loose weight with just drinking this tea. I don't drink this tea to help loose weight, I am just trying to tone up more than anything and I believe this does help. 

I'd really suggest using this tea if your struggling with loosing weight and bloating! 


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