17 June 2014

Torquay Trip - Outfit 1

So I recently went away to Torquay to seek some sun! We were so lucky to have amazing weather, it was so hot! I'm not going on a sunny abroad holiday this year so I took the advantage to bring some beach wear on this holiday!

We went on a lovely walk around the coast, the sea looked so beautiful, but it was however very very windy! It took a lot of shots to get some decent photos! I should have had my hair tied up that day.. my bad..


This was my outfit for the day, this lovely maxi dress is from ASOS and it was a real bargain buy from the sale ! I purchased a white mini bodycon dress which was also very cheap. If I was abroad then of course i'd wear it with a bikini as a cover up but being in the UK I didn't feel it was appropriate..


The sandals are from La Moda, they are really comfy and they make any outfit look quirky! The necklace is River Island and its still available to buy even though its been out a while.

I got the PU leather jacket from Boohoo a while ago now when it was really chilly weather! Image

I had a wonderful doggy called Winston to use in my pictures.. he is just so cute I had to have him posing with me! And doesn't he look handsome, he just owns the picture while I'm attempting to get my hair out of my face..


The rucksack is from New Look but I purchased it from ASOS. It was really the only bag I used on this holiday, my other bags were too small to pack all the items I needed. Image

I hope you enjoyed this outfit, keep up to date with all my latest outfits on my instagram page: carahitchener

Stayed tuned for my second outfit post very soon!

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  1. I saw Miranda Kerr wear a similar dress in one of Harpers Baazars facebook posts! Looks stunning :) x

  2. Aw cool! Might try and find that ! Thanks!


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