24 June 2014

Cocoa Brown Yourself!

Today I'm going to review Cocoa Brown tan and let you know how I feel about it and what my routine is for applying it!

Okay so I first found this tan on Instagram a couple of months ago and they were growing really fast ! I entered a competition to win some tan and I won! I was very happy as I never win anything!

So they sent me the Cocoa Brown 1 Hour tan, the Tough Stuff body scrub and a mitt for applying the tan. I was so impressed with this stuff: the mitt was one of the softest mitts I've ever used to apply tan and that a bonus when applying the tan, it means there is less chance of it going on patchy.

The scrub was also amazing. It's defiantly one of the best scrubs I have used to exfoliate! And its a pretty pink colour which just makes it ever better... Its really granulated so when your scrubbing away you can really feel it getting rid of any dead cells or imperfections on the skin, and leaving a really smooth feeling on the skin. The scrub is now available in a big tube but you can always try the one in the picture below if you want to test it out first.


Now onto the TAN! This tan is really like no other I've come across and believe me I've tried them all! The only way I can describe the texture is.. shaving foam! It really did I was like whoaaa!! But because of the smooth texture it applies really well. It soaks into the skin really fast and it literally leaves no marks or patches! As long as you have exfoliated and moisturised before hand then there shouldn't be any problems with it. Once its smoothed into the skin, it doesn't show the full colour straight away, with it being a one hour tan, its designed to develop over time.

Washing it off: Okay so basically I think you are supposed to wash it off after 1-5 hours but I also wash it off the next day, it doesn't go dodgy or patchy like others which are meant to be washed off in a few hours. If I want it darker I will add another layer after its washed off and do the same as before.

I really do love this tan, its my go to tan if I'm going out at night and its not too dark for in the day time either!


My favourite products to moisturise is the Lush Vanilla Dee-Lite and the Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser. The Nivea one is used straight after I have exfoliated and I also use it after I have the tan on because it helps to colour last and it also ensures it doesn't come off patchy. It's also a really handy way to moisturise if I'm in a rush ! It really does make my skin feel smooth afterwards.

The Lush moisturiser I use a few days before applying the tan, or even just the night before helps. I also put this one after I've got out the shower. Its soaks in really quickly and its smells amazing! After I have put this on I start to apply my tan straight away, it really helps the tan go on smoothly and I believe it helps the tan to develop naturally and its lasts even longer!


I urge you all to go and try this tan and these amazing products to use with it. Its works really well for me and I've only using this tan only for a while now. You can get it at Primark, Superdrug, Boots, Feel Unique.

Its on sale at the moment on Feel Unique for £4.79!

~ Styled By She ~


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