08 May 2014

Tiny Tea by YourTea - First Impressions

My tea has arrived today in the post and I wanted to share my thoughts on it for those who are interested in purchasing this !

I first found Your Tea on Instagram and I started to become interested in finding healthy teas! I tried acai tea before and oolong. The tiny tea was the one I felt would best suit me, as there is a variety of different types to choose from. The tiny tea is the main one which seems to be the most popular.

I'm sure i'm not the only out there who is wary of things like this and never know if it will work or not.. but after seeing good reviews from customers and with such a high rating I thought I'd give it a go!

Okay so the tea is all Chinese tea and its basically a mix of a few different types of tea. This was a reason why I chose it because its all natural herbs and ingredients so there's nothing dodgy going on there! Also Its supposedly including oolong tea as well and I know that's a super tea from china! I chose this tea also because I really feel like I need a good detox !

Here's some quick facts:

* Eases Bloating

* Helps with Weight Loss

* Improves Digestion Functionality

* Improves Skin

* Increases Energy Levels

* Helps with Food Tolerance Issues

* Does NOT Produce a Laxative Effect

ImageI love the packaging, I think its so cute! Its make healthy look a lot easier! And it makes you want to start drinking it straight away, its just very inviting!

ImageThis is what is looks like inside, it contain 42 tea bag which is for the 14 day supply. You can also get a 28 day supply.

ImageImageImageI can't wait to try this tea, it has so many good factors about it.. and there's only one way to really find out if it works!

Stay tuned for a full detailed review in 2 weeks time!

~ Styled By She ~

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