19 May 2014

Healthy Breakfast Solution

Hello! This is just one solution if you want to eat healthier, even if its just for breakfast time like me. I've been making yummy smoothies and they do actually fill me up which is a must for breakfast time. I am really happy with the results and it does help to keep my large appetite away :)

You can have two of these smoothies a day but I only feel like I need one. It really does depend on you yourself and the goals you want to achieve.

Here's a little information taken from Protein World about The Slender Blend:

✔ Nutritious meal replacement
✔ Aids weight loss and weight management
✔ Enhances body tone
✔ Improves skin, hair & nail health
✔ Stomach friendly

These are the two recipes which are my favourite at the moment.. You can mix and match with any ingredients you like.. Try doing half and half with water and milk to make it even healthier!

1. This one is a really fast simple one to make and really delicious!

4 scoops of Protein World The Slender Blend (Vanilla Flavour)

1 Banana

Half a pint of Milk


2.  This one is for when you want something a bit extra, sweet or fruity.. This one can be tweaked very easily depending on your taste buds or what you fancy drinking.

4 Scoops of Protein World The  Slender Blender (Vanilla)

1 Banana

A Hand Full of Strawberries

0% Fat Yogurt in Natural or Vanilla

Half a Pint of Orange Juice or Milk


I am really happy with having these smoothies for breakfast but sometimes I do feel like I need real food for breakfast. If this ever is the case then I will make a poached egg on toast. Very nutritional and yummy!

It's very important to only have these smoothies maximum twice a day and you must ALSO eat a real meal !

And another point to make is that the protein powder will best work with exercise ..

Here's the link if you want to find out anymore information and to purchase!

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