18 April 2014

Easter Special - Eggs, Makeup + Fashion

First of all, H A P P Y   E A S T E R !

I hope everyone is having a fun easter break and eating lots of chocolate! I decided that Easter is all about P A S T E L S, so I created a few moodboards with some cute ideas for this season. Its perfect for spring and easter together :)

First of all is the naturally dyed eggs, they look so cute for an easter breakfast! And it really helps brighten up that boring egg colour.. I found this image of the many vegetables and fruit etc which are used to create these coloured eggs. Don't worry its perfectly fine to do and eat ! Okay so basically you just put whatever ingredient you choose into water until it dyes the water and then you carefully place the eggs into the water and leave over night. Some of the ingredients you may need to boil the water to ensure you get a deep colour.

ImageE A S T E R   F A S H I O N

I just love pastel colours at the moment, especially on clothes! And I think easter is a time to really be bold with these colours. Although the colours are quite neutral themselves, it makes them easy to co-ordinate and style together without overpowering an outfit. I have picked out a few images that were really inspirational to me and gave me ideas on how I can style these colours for easter.. stay tuned for my pastel outfit for evening fun!

E A S T E R   M A K E U P

So I'm also a lover of pastel makeup, even if it is a bit scary to do.. I put on the image in the middle in case you want to keep it looking neutral and do not powerful for a day look. I love the purple hair as well, and the good thing is, you can now buy hair dyes in pinks and purple which wash out in a few weeks!


To create your easter makeup you can use some cute colours I found from MAC. These are swatches from lipsticks I found and aren't they just so cute! The purple one is for those out there with guts and the pale pink is for those who want to still want to rock a pastel look with natural lip colours. Image

I hope you enjoyed my Easter Inspiration post! Let me know if any of you have tried any of this!

~ Styled By She ~


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