15 February 2014

My Development Project - The Transparent Raincoat

I'm currently studying International Fashion Practice at Manchester and I've started a development project which is to create a prototype of any garment of my choice.

I wanted to create something for consumerd between 18-25. I decided to produce a raincoat because how many young people wear raincoats? They dont seem to come in the 'fashionable' category..

Okay the rain use will be for people living in cities all over the world, outdoor activities such as camping and festivals so I want it to be colourful but also to suit the spring and autumm seasons because no one needs a raincoat for winter or summer weather.

Heres the start of my project which is creating the patterns and cutting the fabric out, ready for my first toile.




Lets hope it goes well and I get the results I want.

~ Styled By She ~


  1. How awesome! I really need a raincoat because the city I live in is so rainy. Literally, it rains every other day. Great idea!
    I have a fashion blog too if you’d like to check it out: http://thegeekchickblog.com/

  2. Keep checking back to see the finished design! :-)


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