16 February 2014

Mini Health & Beauty Haul + Reviews

For this mini haul, I did post it on my other blog which I dont use anymore so I figured I'd write a little review since its been a month or so.

Here's what each product is:

■ L'Oréal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Micellar Solution
■ Boots Health & Beauty Magazine
■ Soap and Glory Dr Spot Gel
■ Nivea Stress Protection Deodorant
■ Yankee Candle Melt in 'Home Sweet Home'
■ Bourjois Happy Light Primer in 'Illuminating'
■ Revlon Stay Matte Lipstick in '001 Nude Attitude'


The L'Oréal solution is something I use everyday after I have taken my makeup off with a face wipe. I use it to get all the excess makeup off that a wipe doesn't achieve. Its really soft and gentle on my skin and highly recommend it. And it doesn't make me break out any blemishes... which happens very easily!

The Bourjois primer is really beautiful on the skin and its really good at giving a glow. It also makes my skin look more evenly toned and smooth like a primer should do. Unfortunately it does make me break out in blemishes so when I use it, I will only put it on my cheeks for a highlight.

The Soap and Glory Blemish gel is okay but I never see a great imorovement from using it. But it does have all the healthy ingredients in it so its not harsh for the skin.

Nivea Deodorant: Works really well, defiantly a repurchase item!
Revlon Lipstick: Perfect matte nude lipstick.  Have purchased this about 5 times because its do good.

Hope you like my mini review post, especially if your considering purchasing any of these items.

~ Styled By She ~


  1. Thanks for the review. I will definitely consider buying Nivea deodorant and Bourjois primer after reading your post. I love your photograph and your honest and unbiased review of these products
    Would love it if you drop by my blog as well : http://littlebookoffashion.wordpress.com/

  2. Aw thanks! I think its important to give honest opinions and not lead people into believing something thats not true :)

  3. Looks like some good stuff! Always nice to find a good nude lipstick :)

  4. Its 001 'nude attitude'. Forgot to mention it in my post..

  5. Oh ok, I thought I saw it there at the top, but thanks!

  6. Whoops I just double checked and it is there after all !


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